The Atlanta Birth Project

Our Mission:

Supporting women in pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

The Atlanta Birth Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit birth support service that provides trauma-informed birth support to underserved mothers in Atlanta.


What We Do

The Atlanta Birth Project is improving the accessibility of birth support in underserved communities in order to improve birth outcomes, reduce birth trauma and challenge cycles of poverty for underserved mothers.


childbirth education & preparation

Childbirth education reduces the risk of child mortality.* The Atlanta Birth Project provides underserved communities with an integrative approach to childbirth education in order to improve infant mortality and empower women in informed decision-making for their bodies and their babies.

labor support

Studies show that having a doula present at birth reduces the risk of cesarean section and the likelihood of birth trauma and postpartum mood disorders. The Atlanta Birth Projects connects mothers with professional doulas to improve birth outcomes.

perinatal trauma-informed yoga & mindfullness

Balanced Birth is a yoga-infused childbirth education series that incorporates trauma-informed pre and postnatal yoga and mindfulness to prepare women mentally, emotionally and physically for the journey of childbirth and motherhood. 

connection to local resources

The Atlanta Birth Project connects underserved mothers with birth workers, lactation consultants, mental health professionals, and mother meet up groups to strengthen a village of support around Atlanta's mothers.

*Veneman, Ann M. “Education Is Key to Reducing Child Mortality: The Link Between Maternal Health and Education | UN Chronicle.” United Nations, United Nations,



"True beauty is a woman using her platform to inspire, empower and uplift other women."

— Nadia Newman



get involved - birth professionals

Learn about using your skills as a birth professional to support women in your community.

mother mentorship program

Mothers, get involved by mentoring a new mom on her journey of  pregnancy and childbirth.

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